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Standard Disclosure
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CRB Application - Basic Disclosure
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CRB Application - Basic Disclosure
Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA)
CRB Application - Basic Disclosure
What is a CRB Disclosure?
Disclosure are provided by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB), an executive agency of the Home Office
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Who needs a CRB Disclosure?
Anyone who has contact with children or vulnerable adults will need to be assessed...
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Standard Disclosure
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Voluntary Position

If you are going to be volunteering to work with children or supporting ‘vulnerable’ adults in particular the organisation you are looking to offer your services to may very well need to carry out a Criminal Records Bureau check on you, this is undertaken to ensure that you do not have any impediments or previous convictions that would make you unsuitable for working alongside children or vulnerable adults which could put them at risk. It’s also carried out for your own safety as well as the safety of those with whom you’ll be working alongside. Even if you know that there is no reason for you to be concerned about a check being carried out on you as you have no previous convictions, the organisation may still have to undertake one on you anyway by law. However, to do so, they do need to obtain your permission first and, once granted, you’ll be required to provide various pieces of supporting evidence such as a passport or driving license.

Prospective volunteers should not be deterred from applying for voluntary positions where a CRB check is required. It is, after all, mandatory for certain voluntary roles and even if you have a criminal record, this may not exclude you from volunteering. In fact, many people with past criminal convictions often make some of the best volunteers and organisations are keen to attract ex-offenders as they can often shed light and offer unrivalled support to those in need, simply as the result of having gone through difficult and challenging experiences themselves.

CRB checks for volunteers
Volunteers will receive a CRB check free of charge but there is an admin fee of £10.
The CRB defines a volunteer as 'A person who spends their time doing something that aims to benefit either an individual or group (other than, or in addition to, close relatives), and is not paid (except for travelling and other approved out-of-pocket expenses).'

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