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Standard Disclosure
CRB Application - Basic Disclosure
Enhanced Disclosure
CRB Application - Basic Disclosure
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CRB Application - Basic Disclosure
Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA)
CRB Application - Basic Disclosure
What is a CRB Disclosure?
Disclosure are provided by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB), an executive agency of the Home Office
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Who needs a CRB Disclosure?
Anyone who has contact with children or vulnerable adults will need to be assessed...
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Standard Disclosure
Enhanced Disclosure

Enhanced Disclosure

Enhanced Disclosures are for posts involving a far greater degree of contact with children or vulnerable adults or for workers undertaking their services on regulated or controlled activity sites such as schools or hospitals.

Examples include teacher, scout or guide leader, contractors on school sites in professions supplying services such as IT, electricians, ground workers, roofers and building contractors- in fact anyone offering services to the school or hospital.

This level of enhanced criminal record check requires an additional level of check to those carried out for a standard application. An enhanced level of crb check includes a check on local police records.

An Enhanced CRB check is the highest level of criminal record check. As well as containing all the information as the Standard CRB check, the Enhanced check includes police records held locally and also information held by the Independent Safeguarding Authority. An enhanced CRB check would cost 58.

Over time, Enhanced CRB Checks have become more common in the post 16 training and education sector, though legally only persons working with children or vulnerable adults in a regulated activity on a frequent, intensive and/or overnight basis are required to have Enhanced Checks completed.

Regulated Activity means working or volunteering with children or vulnerable adults in jobs such as teaching, training, supervising, advising, treating or transporting. It covers both paid and unpaid work, which is carried out on a frequent, intensive or overnight basis but it does not include family or personal arrangements.

A frequent, intensive and/or overnight basis means once a week for most services, but once a month or more for health and social care services involving personal care, takes place on 4 days in one month or more or is overnight between 2am - 6am.
It is not acceptable to blanket check all staff in an organisation regardless of job role. For example, if you have administrative or support staff that are NOT in regular contact with young people or vulnerable adults, as defined above, it is unlikely they will need an Enhanced Check.

CRB Applications are closely monitored by CRB to make sure that request for Enhanced Checks are made for appropriate individuals, for that reason we may be required to refuse to complete a check should we believe it has been incorrectly requested. It may be a Legal Offence for an employer to deliberately request an Enhanced Check for a person when it is not required by Law.

Enhanced Disclosure (as defined under Section 115(6) of the Police Act 1997). It will give:
  • The prescribed details of every conviction (including a spent conviction), caution, warning and reprimand which is recorded in central records, and...
  • Any information which, in the opinion of a chief officer, might be relevant for the purpose and ought to be included in the certificate, or it will...
  • State that there is no such matter or information, and where appropriate...
  • Details of whether the applicant is banned from working with children or vulnerable adult.

An enhanced criminal record check is required for entry into the following professions:

  • Foster Care
  • Child Care
  • Social Worker
  • Care Worker
  • Healthcare:
- Doctor
- Dentist
- Psychologist
- Nurse or midwife
- Ophthalmic or dispensing optician
- Pharmacists
- Paramedics, clinical scientists, speech and language therapists
- Osteopath
- Chiropractor

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