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Standard Disclosure
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CRB Application - Basic Disclosure
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CRB Application - Basic Disclosure
Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA)
CRB Application - Basic Disclosure
What is a CRB Disclosure?
Disclosure are provided by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB), an executive agency of the Home Office
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Who needs a CRB Disclosure?
Anyone who has contact with children or vulnerable adults will need to be assessed...
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Standard Disclosure
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POVA First

POVA First is a service that was introduced in the care sector due to the danger of staffing levels falling below statutory obligations. Depending on the result of the POVA First, a person can start work, under supervision, with vulnerable adults before the CRB certificate is obtained.

The requests carry strict criteria:
the position must require a CRB check by law
the position must be eligible for access to the ISA's Adults barred list
the organisation must have requested a check of the ISA Adults barred list on the CRB application form and has been received and accepted by the CRB

CRB Application have set an admin fee of 10 for a POVA First.

The CRB's reply to a POVA First check request will respond with one of two options:

OPTION 1: 'Registered Body must wait for the CRB certificate'
OPTION 2: 'No match exists for this person on the current Vulnerable Adults Barred list'

Option 1 is given when the details provided may have revealed a match to those of a person held on the ISA's Adults Barred list. You must then wait for a CRB Certificate as the search of the ISA's Adults Barred list is inconclusive and further investigations are required to determine whether the person is or is not on the list.

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